Mobile phone holder + charging station, up to 7 inch + mobile phone case ! (Squid Game)


1. with this object you can use smartphones up to 7 inches without any problems !
2. you can pass and connect a charging cable from behind !
3. Many use phone cases/protective cases, making the smatphone too thick for most other models to use.

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This 3D print model is perfect for enthusiasts and professionals, offering excellent detail and versatility for various projects, from educational to hobbyist use. It’s easily customizable and compatible with all types of 3D printers, ensuring high-quality prints.

3D printing settings

Standard 0.2 - 0.28

Speed 50 -80

Infill 10% will do. Line ( slightly flexy ) or 20% cube Hard.

Approx 107mm high, approx 80mm wide, approx 5mm thick.

The support is 22mm deep, for phones with case e.g.