Airplane with texture


The texture of this 3D model of a Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA airplane was created using the BPR render settings in Sketchfab. We used three main settings: specular, color and glossiness.

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Originally designed and built by German designer Hanns Klemm in 1934, more than 600 copies of the L25d VIIR LX-MA airplane were built. Eight still exist, and three still fly! But just one of them has been immortalized as a 3D model.

The plane was scanned in a museum вАФ its natural habitat today вАФ where it was suspended three meters above the ground. This would have made it impossible for any scanner other than Artec Ray, but we managed to scan the plane completely in under four hours using an industrial tripod to elevate the scanner, allowing it to scan to top of the plane, too.

To complete the plane visually and for greater authenticity, its propellor, passenger mannequins and a windshield were later added with a 3rd party software.

Beyond creating a 3D model, adding color and texture to this iconic plane was our next step. For this, BPR (Best Preview Render) settings were used in Sketchfab, a 3rd party platform which set up a scene with three main settings: specular, color, and glossiness.

To add to your detailed 3D model, combined data from a Ray scan’s geometry and photogrammetry’s full and true color and detail will provide the best results.

3D printing settings

Layer Resolution: 0.2 mm for a balance of quality and speed.

Extruder Temperature: 200°C for PLA, 230°C for ABS. (Adjust for material.)

Print Speed: 50-60 mm/sec for optimal surface quality.

Supports: Use for complex parts, set density at 15-20%.

Bed Adhesion: Use glue or tape to prevent warping.

Infill: 20% for regular models, 100% for extra strength if needed.