Stanley screwdriver


Small ratcheting screwdriver scanned with the Artec spider. Scanned in two passes, both laying on its side.

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A small ratcheting screwdriver scanned with Artec Space Spider. The object was scanned in two passes, both times with it laying on its side. It was scanned once, flipped 180 degrees over, and then scanned again. The two halves were then combined in Artec Studio to create one seamless model.

A close-up inspection of the tip of the screwdriver model gives you a glimpse of the kind of detail that Space Spider delivers. Ideal for reverse engineering and inspection, this scanner allows you to capture countless objects as they truly are, in vivid color 3D. Any unique surface characteristics will be brought over in the scan, and that includes wear and tear as well as irregularities in symmetry, color, etc.

3D printing settings

Layer Resolution: 0.2 mm for a balance of quality and speed.

Extruder Temperature: 200°C for PLA, 230°C for ABS. (Adjust for material.)

Print Speed: 50-60 mm/sec for optimal surface quality.

Supports: Use for complex parts, set density at 15-20%.

Bed Adhesion: Use glue or tape to prevent warping.

Infill: 20% for regular models, 100% for extra strength if needed.