Sea shell


Even though the sea shell has complex geometrical curves and arms, its surface was easily captured with Artec Spider.

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Even though this sea shell has numerous complex geometrical curves and arms, its surfaces were easily captured with Artec Space Spider. In centuries past, such sea shells were used as currency, and looking at the intricate beauty of this specimen, it’s easy to see why. The many colors and patterns across the various surfaces of the shell are captivating, from twists and curves and spirals leading into the mouth of the shell, as well as its spectrum of whites, tans, browns, and even peach and pink, from anterior to posterior. All details have been remarkably captured in high resolution color 3D.

3D printing settings

Layer Resolution: 0.2 mm for a balance of quality and speed.

Extruder Temperature: 200°C for PLA, 230°C for ABS. (Adjust for material.)

Print Speed: 50-60 mm/sec for optimal surface quality.

Supports: Use for complex parts, set density at 15-20%.

Bed Adhesion: Use glue or tape to prevent warping.

Infill: 20% for regular models, 100% for extra strength if needed.