Goat skull


If you zoom in real close to this goat skull, you may end up immersed in incredible detail for longer than the two minutes it took to scan with the new 2022 Artec Leo.

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If you zoom in real close to this goat skull and have a good look around, you might well be immersed in it for longer than the time it took to scan. In just two minutes, this incredibly detailed skull of a goat – horns and all – was captured with the new Artec Leo. To give even more depth and detail to an already stunning scan, Artec Studio’s new photo texture feature was used, and in just eight minutes, sufficient photos were captured to ensure the 3D model would be as true to life as possible. To take things up a notch or two further, the skull was scanned in HD Mode after just 20 minutes of processing, we have what you see here: a stunningly sharp, texture-rich, highly accurate, and perfectly captured skull.

While you’re looking around, pay special attention to its teeth – packed with fine lines and sharp edges – and the horns, beautifully textured with every line captured. It is this combination of cutting edges and thoroughly textured that you’ll be capable of with Leo to create sharp, accurate, easy-to-capture and detailed scans. Take this fine beast here for a spin, and admire all the clean, clear holes captured too. With this level of detail and accuracy, you’re all set for capturing and providing 3D models in high accuracy, superb definition, and varied surfaces – all with the one and only Artec Leo.

3D printing settings

Layer Resolution: 0.2 mm for a balance of quality and speed.

Extruder Temperature: 200°C for PLA, 230°C for ABS. (Adjust for material.)

Print Speed: 50-60 mm/sec for optimal surface quality.

Supports: Use for complex parts, set density at 15-20%.

Bed Adhesion: Use glue or tape to prevent warping.

Infill: 20% for regular models, 100% for extra strength if needed.