Chain and Gears Fidget Spinner


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This 3D print model is perfect for enthusiasts and professionals, offering excellent detail and versatility for various projects, from educational to hobbyist use. It’s easily customizable and compatible with all types of 3D printers, ensuring high-quality prints.

3D printing settings

.4 nozzle, PLA, .12 layer height. Infill as desired. You will need support for the sprocket parts. One side of the chain is flat, Orient this to the build plate. When assembling the spinner, the flat side of the chain goes outwards. The two sprocket files are different, You will need to print one of each. You will need to print 2 gears. To print the chain you will need to make sure your printer is well calibrated. If it is over extruding the chain will be fused together and will not work.