Aizawa Shouta “Eraser Head” Goggles


Eraser Head’s goggles from My Hero Academia.

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Eraser Head’s goggles from My Hero Academia.

This 3D print model is perfect for enthusiasts and professionals, offering excellent detail and versatility for various projects, from educational to hobbyist use. It’s easily customizable and compatible with all types of 3D printers, ensuring high-quality prints.

3D printing settings

left eye piece X1
right eye piece x 1
nose piece X 1
lens small X 2
lens long X 2
left chain end X 1
right chain end X 1
left chain link X 3~6
right chain link X 3~6
Paper Clips or Stiff Wire
Clear Glue

Elastic strap and a needle and thread or velcro

I printed these at 0.2 mm layer height. you can use a finer setting, but I would not use a courser setting as the sizing and quality of the pinholes may decrease.

2 outer walls is perfectly acceptable for most parts. on the lenses i used 4 walls for better bed adhesion. the lenses should also have 0 top and bottom thickness so you can look throught the infill. some slicers are easier to do this on than others.

most parts are set up to need the least ammount of supports, but most parts still require them. the chain links absoutley need supports for the floating pin holes. they should be easy to clean up if the bottoms of the holes are not perfect. the eye pieces have areas that may need supports, but if you can do good bridhes and overhangs you may not need them. the nose piece does not require supports. the lenses do not require suppors.

all parts should be pre-oriented for best printing.

use paper clips or other wire to attach all the pieces. push the wire through the pin holes to attach each piece in series. and snip them so they are flush with the printed part. put a small dab of glue into the hole at both ends to secure the pins in place. the chain ends should go at the end of the chain, and have a loop to attach and elastic or velcro strap.